The Image Works is Closing


It is with regret that after thirty-six years of operation The Image Works is

closing. We have had a fantastic run, but at 75 it is time for me to close the

business, retire, and move on. We are very grateful for your loyal

patronage. We are pleased that we have accomplished many of our goals,

namely the creation of an international human scale business in a rural

setting in tune with the healthy lifestyle of our employees.

Mark Antman, President The Image Works



Licensing Images, or Extending Licenses:


We realize that many of our clients have images they need to license,

extend licenses or relicense. To avoid licensing and copyright infringement

issues we strongly urge you to finalize all licensing requests as soon as

possible. For the present you may continue to access our database for

image reference information.



New Uses:


We have ceased to supply clients with images from our archive. Please

search the TopFoto website for new images you would like to license.

Parts of our archive will be turned over to our UK affiliate TopFoto.

Contact TopFoto for research and new uses of images in their archive.


Please contact us if we can be of assistance or if you have any questions.



The Image Works contact information:


Phone: 845-679-8500


The Image Works database