About Us

Agency Description

The Image Works is a curated, independent stock photography agency that brings together photographers and specialized collections from around the world. Our images come from a variety of sources, including top-notch photojournalists, a network of affiliated agencies, specialized collections, museums, and newspapers. With both historical and contemporary material, the result is an incredibly diverse yet focused collection of over 35 million images. Over a two million of these are available through our web site.

The Image Works licenses images for books, magazines, documentary films, advertisements, and other media. As editorial specialists, we understand that the value of an image lies in a combination of its visual strength along with the information it conveys. Our knowledgeable research staff provides efficient, personalized service, with decades of experience at finding just the right image.

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A Brief History of The Image Works

In 1983 photographers Alan Carey and Mark Antman met while covering a duck-calling contest. Alan Carey was chief photographer for a regional daily newspaper and Mark Antman had just returned to the United States after living in France for a decade working as a documentary photojournalist. The two realized they had a lot in common it and wasn't long before The Image Works was born. Alan Carey retired from The Image Works in 2001.

Today, the Image Works remains 100% independently owned and operated. Guided by its unique vision and philosophy, The Image Works remains committed to providing a uniquely diverse, yet carefully focused archive of the best editorial imagery to be found in the world.


Agency Philosophy

The goal of The Image Works is to serve as a unified, comprehensive archive of exceptional contemporary and historical photographs, fine art, and engravings for the editorial photo market.

From the beginning, we’ve carefully selected the work of talented photographers, domestic and foreign affiliates, museums, historical institutions, and individual collectors in pursuit of this goal. Each of our partners shares our passion for, and understanding of, the amount of information and feeling that can be conveyed through imagery. By bringing together photographs, fine art, and engravings, we’ve assembled a uniquely diverse, and yet carefully focused, archive. Combined with our highly experienced and specialized research staff, The Image Works archive has become a unique and unparalleled resource for editorial picture buyers.


Woodstock: The Most Famous Small Town in America

The Image Works is located in the heart of the Catskill Mountains, in Woodstock, NY., Woodstock has been a center for the arts since long before the 1969 concert that made it world-famous. From the early 1900s, this small town in New York's beautiful Hudson Valley has attracted writers, musicians, and artists of all kinds from across the globe. A short two-hour drive from New York City, Woodstock continues to attract creative people seeking an inspiring place to live and work.

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