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- Introduction to our website
- Using the advanced search
- Using alerts to let you know about new images in the archive
- Introduction to using lightboxes
- Using lightbox invitations
- Ordering hi res images
- Downloading hi res images
- What is stock photography?
- Are these photos "Rights Protected" or "Royalty Free?"
- Editorial and Commercial stock photography
- You folks are independent. How can you compete with the goliath stock agencies?
- You have access to vast analog files, how does that work?
- What are your rates?
- Can I request custom research?
- Can I order a print for my own personal use?

Video tutorials

We have prepared a series of video tutorials on how to use our online archive. If you need further help or would like to suggest a video contact us and we will be happy to help.

Introduction to some basic features on our website


Using the advanced search


Using alerts to let you know about new images in the archive


Introduction to using lightboxes


How to use lightbox invitations


How to order hi-res images


How to download hi-res images


What is stock photography?

Stock photographs are images that have been taken by photographers or are images from historical or other archives that are licensed for use in various media such as advertising, books, brochures, magazines, TV, multi-media, etc. The images are owned by the copyright holder. The Image Works acts as the licensing agent and distributor to make images in its collection available for usage.

Are these photos "Rights Protected" or "Royalty Free?"

All of the images in our archive are rights managed. That means that when an image is licensed it can be used only for the specific usage covered in the license agreement. Any usage other than those conveyed in the written license agreement must be negotiated and paid for to avoid copyright violation.

Editorial and Commercial Stock Photography

Restrictions may apply to how an image may be used. The Image Works has both editorial and commercial stock photography in its archive. Editorial images are used to "educate and inform" they are not used to endorse or sell a product or service. Images that are appropriate for editorial use may not be appropriate for commercial usage. This is a complex area. Please contact us if you have questions about the appropriateness of an image usage.

As an independent agency, how can you compete with the goliath stock agencies?

Actually it is pretty easy. In fact, as they get bigger and bigger, it gets even easier to compete. Our object has never been to become the big box store of the Stock Photo industry. We have never felt that we need to be "everything to everybody." In fact we are very pleased to be able to carefully focus on the area that we do best and where we have the most experience; namely editorial stock photography. Our entire philosophy is based on addressing the needs of editorial picture buyers. We have a very healthy commercial division as well for advertising clients who need editorial imagery. We have invested heavily in technology and have created a streamlined and efficient digital workflow that makes The Image Works very competitive both in content and pricing when compared to the goliaths out there. The Image Works was founded in 1983. That gives us more than 30 years experience responding to the needs of stock photo buyers.

Most of us are familiar with going to a big box store believing that they had the best selection and the best deal only to find that what is available is a rather limited selection that basically addresses the average person's general needs. Ask for something a little bit different and you're told, "It does not exist." At The Image Works, it exists.

You have access to vast analog files, how does that work?

Our years of experience working with editorial imagery have taught us that picture buyers' needs are often very exacting and precise. Sure, it would be very easy to pick out the top 10% of our archive, scan it and get rid of the rest the way that other stock agency giants have done. In fact, from a strictly bottom line approach, that makes sense. Our object is, and always has been, to provide the best and most comprehensive selection of images we can to our clients. Limiting our selection to only those images that have proven sales potential would be a disservice to the diverse needs of our clients and an insult to the hard working photographers who confide their work to us.

What are your rates?

All images in our archive are Rights Managed. We do not have Royalty Free images. The licensing fee to use an image depends on how the image will be used. We will need specific information about how you intend to use an image in order to quote you the most advantageous price.

How will the image(s) be used; advertising, magazine editorial, textbook, trade book, brochure, video, ebook, etc?
What is the intended print / unit run?
What size will the image be used?
Will it be used inside or on the cover?
Will it be distributed in the US, North America, the World, etc.?
Will there be any secondary uses for the image such as on a web site or as a poster?
Will the publication be in more than one language?

Can I request custom research?

Our research staff are highly trained and specialized experts. They are available to help you find even the most exacting and obscure image. In addition to our online archive we have access to over 45 million images through our international network of affiliate agencies.

There are a number of ways to request custom research and a lightbox: - Email your request or spec list to requests@theimageworks.com
- Fax your request or spec list to: 845-679-0606
- Call to speak with one of our research specialists 800-475-8801 or 845-679-8500
- Fill out our online request form

When requesting research it is helpful if you can provide as many details and as much information as possible. For example, "Mothers and daughters" is very broad and general; however, "A mother and her teenage daughter talking" is more specific. Also, please let us know your specific deadline.

Can I order a print for my own personal use?

For most images in our online archive, the answer is yes. But, there are specific limitations and conditions. These prints are for personal display only and may not be copied or reproduced in any way nor may they be used in trade shows or for any commercial or business purpose. Check here for more information about ordering a decorative print.