Archive Update

Greetings! Welcome to the latest edition of our archive update newsletter where we focus on a few of the many new additions to our ever growing archive. Our hope is that you find these selections interesting, unusual, beautiful and unique. We’d be happy to email you Archive Update as it’s published. If you’d like us to, please click here.

Current Issue:

Mexico Art, Artifacts and Historical

From a new private collection, we have paintings from renowned Mexican artists, images of artifacts including sculptures and masks, and photographs of ancient ruins including temples, palaces and pyramids. We also have new historical photos from the Mexican revolution.
View a gallery of Mexican imagery

Community Relations

From our contributing photographers and newspapers, we bring you a selection of some of the many new photos on the subject of community relations. We have new images of community policing, the Black Lives Matter movement, vigils, protests, civil rights and police shootings.
View a gallery of community relations

French Postcards

For something beautiful, take a look at these wonderful French postcards. They are c.1900 and from various parts of France. Pictured are people at work in industry, and agriculture as well as scenes from Paris and the river Seine. These postcards are from a new private collection.
View a gallery of the French postcards

Opioid Addiction Crisis

New in the archive are contemporary images of the opioid addiction crisis. We have photos of the public health response including the use of Naloxone by first responders, people in treatment and still struggling with addiction, and the human impact on families including the loss of lives.
View a gallery of the opioid addiction crisis


Göran Burenhult

The Göran Burenhult collection focuses on archaeology, anthropology, culture and heritage. Dr. Burenhult is a world renowned archaeologist. His global study and documentation of traditional societies and indigenous people make up this exclusive collection.
View a gallery of Göran Burenhult

Willow's Moving Along

Our office baby Willow has spent many fun days here. She organized filing cabinets, delivered copy paper, and modeled on Mark’s hand-built visual cliff. Sadly she has grown out of her job here and is now having fun with new friends her own size at a wonderful daycare. We miss her already.
View a gallery of Willow

Hungarian Revolution

On October 23rd 1956, students and workers took to the streets of Budapest to demand the removal of Soviet control of Hungary. The Soviet Army responded with immense brutality killing over 30,000 people and causing over 200,000 refugees to flee to the west.
View a gallery of the Hungarian Revolution

Medical Illustrations

The addition of new medical illustrations further expands our collection of contemporary medical illustrations, photos and micrographs. Our extensive collection of science, medical and health related imagery is updated regulary. We are sure you will find what you need.
View a gallery of medical illustrations

Virtual Reality

New advances in the field of virtual reality continue. Medical care providers are integrating VR devices with robotics for physical rehabilitation of patients. Virtual reality is also beginning to make its way into educational settings.
View a gallery of the virtual reality

Feline Illustrations

Everyone loves cats, right? How about historic illustrations of cats? We have a new collection in the archive that has beautiful historic illustrations of jungle cats, cat breeds from Thailand, comical illustrations of cats and more. Have a look!
View a gallery of the feline illustrations

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