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Greetings! Welcome to the latest edition of our archive update newsletter where we focus on a few of the many new additions to our ever growing archive. Our hope is that you find these selections interesting, unusual, beautiful and unique. We’d be happy to email you Archive Update as it’s published. If you’d like us to, please click here.

Current Issue:

Mel Rosenthal

Contributing photographer Mel Rosenthal has passed away. He was 77. His life was balanced between being a documentary photographer and a teacher. His work often centered around his Bronx neighborhood. He touched the lives of all those around him and launced the careers of hundreds of photographers.
View a gallery of Mel Rosenthal

Creative Collection

There are exciting new additions in our creative collection. We believe this curated selection of images are uniquely suited for designers who are looking to make an impact with interesting images on book covers. The newest additons in the collection are sourced from our global partners in Europe and Asia.
View a gallery of our creative collection

Majority World

We have new images from our partner, Majority World. They are indigenous photographers from the developing world, working in developing countries. They have the advantage of seeing current events and daily life from the inside, providing a more accurate and culturally sensitive view of their subjects.
View a gallery of Majority World

The Lights of Canopus

We have the beautiful illustrations from the illuminated manuscript 'The Lights of Canopus', which is a 19th century collection of ancient Indian animal fables. It tells a tale of a Persian physician, Burzuyah, and his mission to India, where he stumbles upon a book of stories collected from the animals who reside there.
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Spain and Catalonia

Index Fototeca is a historical Spanish collection with a special focus on Spain and Catalonia. The collection includes photographs, fine art, architecture, ceramics, posters, sculptures, maps, and hangings. Also featured are portraits and photographs of Spanish artists, writers, directors, and other people of note.
View a gallery of the Spain and Catalonia

Russia and the Soviet Union

This new collection is a unique and invaluable resource for Russian and Soviet history from the medieval period and Peter the Great through the Cold War, perestroika and the breakup of the Soviet Union. It includes artists and intellectuals, social and political history, humanities and social studies, music and dance, folklore, literature, art and more.
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Encaustic painting is an ancient technique, dating back to the Greeks. Also known as hot wax painting, the process involves using heated beeswax mixed with resin or other materials to which colored pigments are added and applied to surfaces like wood, ceramic tiles, pottery, canvas, and photographs.
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Henry David Thoreau

We are is the exclusive distributor of the Waldon Woods Project's Thoreau Institute Library Collection, the home to the world's largest collection of works by and about Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau was an advocate of human rights and conservation, issues that remain relevant in our modern world.
View a gallery of Henry David Thoreau

US Presidents

The presidential portrait is a tradition that began with Gilbert Stuart's portrait of George Washington and continues today. Photography has also been used for portraits of Presidents Obama and Trump. The Image Works has expanded our collection with new additions of images of US Presidents.
View a gallery of Presidential portraits

Protests in America

As many Americans exercise their right to free speech, our photographers are there. The Image Works has hundreds of photojournalists contributing to our archive. These photographers, along with our newspaper partners, provide a compelling look at our world today.
View a gallery of the protests in America

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