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Greetings! Welcome to the latest edition of our archive update newsletter where we focus on a few of the many new additions to our ever growing archive. Our hope is that you find these selections interesting, unusual, beautiful and unique. We’d be happy to email you Archive Update as it’s published. If you’d like us to, please click here.

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Encaustic painting is an ancient technique, dating back to the Greeks. Also known as hot wax painting, the process involves using heated beeswax mixed with resin or other materials to which colored pigments are added and applied to surfaces like wood, ceramic tiles, pottery, canvas, and photographs.
View a gallery of encaustics

America enters World War I

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the US entering World War I. We have new additions in our archive from all aspects of the war including military operations, industry, daily life and the home front. Our collection now numbers over 40,000 images, many of which have not been seen since the war.
View a gallery of World War I

US Presidents

The presidential portrait is a tradition that began with Gilbert Stuart's portrait of George Washington and continues today. Photography has also been used for portraits of Presidents Obama and Trump. The Image Works has expanded our collection with new additions of images of US Presidents.
View a gallery of the Presidential portraits

Protests in America

As many Americans exercise their right to free speech, our photographers are there. The Image Works has hundreds of photojournalists contributing to our archive. These photographers, along with our newspaper partners, provide a compelling look at our world today.
View a gallery of protests in America


Mexico Art, Artifacts and Historical

From a new private collection, we have paintings from renowned Mexican artists, images of artifacts including sculptures and masks, and photographs of ancient ruins including temples, palaces and pyramids. We also have new historical photos from the Mexican revolution.
View a gallery of Mexican imagery

Community Relations

From our contributing photographers and newspapers, we bring you a selection of some of the many new photos on the subject of community relations. We have new images of community policing, the Black Lives Matter movement, vigils, protests, civil rights and police shootings.
View a gallery of community relations

French Postcards

For something beautiful, take a look at these wonderful French postcards. They are c.1900 and from various parts of France. Pictured are people at work in industry, and agriculture as well as scenes from Paris and the river Seine. These postcards are from a new private collection.
View a gallery of French Postcards

Opioid Addiction Crisis

New in the archive are contemporary images of the opioid addiction crisis. We have photos of the public health response including the use of Naloxone by first responders, people in treatment and still struggling with addiction, and the human impact on families including the loss of lives.
View a gallery of the opioid addiction crisis

Göran Burenhult

On October 23rd 1956, students and workers took to the streets of Budapest to demand the removal of Soviet control of Hungary. The Soviet Army responded with immense brutality killing over 30,000 people and causing over 200,000 refugees to flee to the west.
View a gallery of Göran Burenhult

Willow's Moving Along

Our office baby Willow has spent many fun days here. She organized filing cabinets, delivered copy paper, and modeled on Mark’s hand-built visual cliff. Sadly she has grown out of her job here and is now having fun with new friends her own size at a wonderful daycare.
View a gallery of the Willow

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