History of Photography - The Autochrome   

EMJA0050019 Caption: Autochrome by Louis-Amedee Mante, [1826-1913), and Edmond Goldschmidt,(1863 -1934), Paris, France. c1910. Mante was a photographer, inventor, chemist and professional musician. Some credit Mante with inventing a color process very similar to the autochrome as early as the1890's though evidence for that claim is suspect. Goldschmidt was a wealthy, younger photographer, who married one of Mante's daughters. All three of Mante's daughters embarked on careers in the Ballet and occasionally posed for Degas. Orientalist in style, most of Mante and Goldschmidt's autochromes display an affinity toward elaborate painted backdrops and exotic props though nearly all their photographs were taken in the studio of Goldschmidt's home. ©Mark Jacobs Archive /The Image Works

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